The Home2Live™ concept

Home2Live™ concept is about improving people’s quality of life. After more than 20 years in the real Estate and building industry mainly in the Scandinavian countries we are proud to present our new concept Home2Live™. It took us 5 years to develop this unique concept that is based on our knowledge and effort to put together the missing links to create one of the best system for housing in the world. Our vision was simple: to create something that is long lasting even in the roughest climates and affordable. We have taken housing to the next level including food production and energy by joining people and companies from all over the world.
In its most simple form, with our Home2Live™ concept, we want to make life easier for people everywhere, and we want to contribute to a healthier and more prosperous life for everyone. We have integrated this in all we do, and that’s also why our slogan is;

Home2Live™ – Conscious Living

and we are working both to raise awareness, as well as to bring actual viable solutions to market, via our companies in Norway and Spain, as well as via partners.

A fast growing Home2Live™ community

In short, we are a growing group of cooperating companies and eco friendly specialists operating in more than 50 countries through our Home2Live™ network. We now have partners in several parts of the world, covering many countries so far, and also expanding steadily, amongst others; The UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, The Czech Republic , Bosnia, Croatia, Romania, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Hungary, Ukraine, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, USA (Florida, California, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, New York, Georgia, and Hawaii), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, some overseas territories like Puerto Rico, African countries like Morocco, South Africa and The Gambia, some contacts in South America and Latin America, plus the Middle – East by having one of our main partners situated in Dubai.

What can we offer via the Home2Live™ concept?

Our goal is to offer viable and eco-friendly building solutions far beyond the use of traditional solar panels and thicker insulation. Through our extensive network of architects, engineers, suppliers and collaborators, we have put together a new concept utilizing all different kind of “good stuff” to phrase it a bit simple. We
call this the Home2Live™ concept.
The Home2Live™ concept is divided into three main parts;
  1. Affordable building systems
  2. Alternative energy systems incl. sewage treatment end
    water filtration systems
  3. Combined food production systems with fish cultivation and vegetable growing in an urban environment, both combined with residential, commercial and industrial buildings / developments, hotels and so on. This can even be built totally off-grid.


Construction Method
Many organizations are fighting poverty as its main goal, and this is our goal as well. Our slogan is
as previously stated “Conscious Living”, and we believe that we can make a difference in many different parts of the World.
The main construction method for the Home2Live™ concept is our partner’s patended foam concrete sandwich panel building system with roundabout galvanized steel profiles, double fiber cement boards and aerated foam concrete filling plus acrylic texture coating.

We are also looking to bring to the world another unique building system, consisting of reinforced glass fiber modules.


The main reason for us wanting to fully integrate the foam concrete building system into our operations, are many. Here are some of the key points;

  •  Very quick production and erection time
  • Excellent U-values against heat or cold which results is less need for heating or cooling
  • Stands against extreme fire
  • The material is 100% stable and doesn’t get mold or mildew on it, plus it doesn’t rot nor shrink
  • It can stand against hurricanes and tornadoes up to category 5
  • It can stand against earthquakes up to 9.0 on the Richter’s scale
  • It’s very cost effective
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fully recyclable
  • Very good acoustic insulation
  • Passive house standard can be achieved quite easily
  • No waste on construction site
What kind of projects can we handle?
We do have access to 5-6 different other building systems in addition to this out there, but our wish is to go with the best system there is, and offer this both through all our partners and their projects as well as utilizing the foam concrete system for our own projects.
By setting up smaller or larger construction management teams for each project, by including local skill and knowledge and including the expertize and knowhow from you and our community, we can in principle handle any type of projects, near anywhere.
Here are some examples of what we can deliver World Wide, having local companies cooperating with us finding these kind of projects;
  • Regular houses and social houses with good insulation against heat or cold
  • Schools
  • Kindergartens
  • Elderly homes
  • Commercial or industrial buildings
Additional Ecofriendly Systems
We can deliver additional ecofriendly systems fully integrated with the buildings;
  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Thermal power
  • Sewage treatment systems to convert the sewage to fertilizers
  • Water filtration systems, to extract the water from the sewage and recycle it
  • Gather rainwater, filter it and use it
We can even create efficient food production systems as an integrated part of our constructions;
  • Fish cultivation in basements of buildings
  • Vegetable growing on rooftops of buildings
  • Aquaponics systems with integration between the blue (fish) and the green (vegetables)

Reference Projects

A Home2Live™ building system for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, made of reinforced glass fiber elements, to be built like LEGO®, and with more or less no need of refurbishing for at least one lifetime, if not even up to three lifetimes. The material can be built with in water, also salt water, and won’t deteriorate.


The system is originally from Norway, and well tested with more than 200 built projects in Norway since 1965. The picture showing a church in Norway, built in 1965, has had no need of refurbishing of the façade since it was built.

Other Reference Projects


The other main solution is to bring a new technology to the farming industry first of all, mainly insulated by cheap soap bubbles, called the SolaRoof system, which mainly is a liquid cooling and insulating system to keep the stable temperatures inside the greenhouse, so the plants grow faster, with no use of pesticides, saving around 80-90% energy for heating and cooling, and also saving around 80-90% water.

Soap bubbles are the next big thing to create new zero carbon buildings, and we have the solution.

Soap bubbles are the next big thing to insulate agricultural structures, for food security, efficient cultivation of fish and growth of vegetables, as well as using the same base structures as shelters for refugees for homeless people incl. food production, or even temporary emergency field hospitals to be deployed anywhere in the world, no matter which climate zone, hot, cold, dry, humid, arctic or desert. We have the solutions.

Robotic Production

The next step moving forward with this building system, is to set up a new line of production.

Our plan is to establish a robotic factory producing this large scale, one in the US (possibly Florida), one in Europe (possibly Sweden), and grow from there with more production facilities around the world as the demand increases. We are looking for investors whom would have the financial strength to participate in this housing revolution.