Reference projects in Norway

We have gathered a few selections of reference buildings, where there is utilized our building system
over the years. These are some projects in the eastern part of Norway, in Vestfold and Østfold, close to
the airport Torp in Sandefjord, in case anyone wants to fly there and see some of these structures
themselves. There are of course many more projects spread all over Norway.



The following pictures is of the church in Larvik, which was the first building ever built with the special
wall panels. It was built in 1965, and there has not been any maintenance need on the façade since
more than 54 years. The only couple of things with the building that has had need of refurbishing, and
still do, are the wooden windows, and concrete slab and lower parts of the wall, which is not part of our
building system (you can see the standard concrete falling off on one of the pictures)

Façade of the church in Larvik – built in 1965
Link to Google Maps;
Larvik Misjonsmenighet

A former bank building in Larvik, now used as a cafeteria and bar – built in 1966.
Link to Google Maps;


A commercial building in Fokserød in Sandefjord – built in 1987.
Not named road in Google Maps. It’s around 100 meters from the E-18;

A nursing home in Sandefjord called – built in 1975
Link to Google Maps:
Nygård Sykehjem

An ice-skating rink / building in Sandefjord – built in 2010
The road is not named, but the closest area on Google Map, is this;
Bugården Ishall

A detached house in Sandefjord – built in 2002.
It is on an island, in an unnamed area in Google Maps.

Apartment building in Tjølling – built in 1966.
Link to Google Maps:
Skreppestadveien 16, Larvik


A bridge in Fredrikstad for pedestrians and bicycles, built in 2002
Link to Google Maps;
Gangbrua Fredrikstad

Bjarkøy, near Harstad

Here is also the pictures of an interesting project built on an island up in North of Norway in 1999, in Bjarkøy near Harstad.

This 600 m2 project took around 13 hours to build the main structure. With this speed of construction
we will be able to offer a very fast building system, which saves large building and finance costs while
also saving a lot on future maintenance costs due to the quality, and at the same time one can get about
10% more usable area inside with the same footprint due to the good insulating ability of our material.
So, all in all, an exciting product

The map is showing the location of the project near Harstad.
We have many reference projects built over a long period of time, around 200 of them spread all over