The Home2Live™ concept

Via our Home2Live™ concept, we are now scaling our activities more towards food, nutrition and agriculture, but will also be working longer term with bringing affordable housing to market, both traditional as well as hybrid homes including growing food inside the house. This is important both to access fresh food cheaper, but also for the health benefits of being around plants in a tempered environment.

Our main goal is to reduce hunger in the world, and especially now when there is an escalating humanitarian catastrophe developing, with the enormous swarms of locusts, which are a much bigger threat than Covid-19, affecting more than 10 countries in the Middle East and Africa right now, with more than 1.2 billion people being at eminent risk of having no food due to all the crops being eradicated.

We have partnered with a few other companies to first of all bring to market a new SolaRoof which will be a game changer when it comes to food security, also saving around 80-90% of energy for heating and cooling, thereby needing only very little additional solar power to run the system totally off the grid, and also saving 80-90% water for watering the crops. The efficient indoor vertical farming, aquaponics incl. fish cultivation and aeroponics create a very efficient environment for growth even at the driest places on the planet, the warmest, the coldest, the most harsh places with cyclones etc.

We plan on rolling this out during this year in Canada, The US, The UK, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Iceland, Estonia, Saudi Arabia and a few more countries, but as soon as this has been tested and validated in these countries, we will roll this out quickly to all other countries as well.

In addition to the support from the EU, we are also looking both for influencers as well as partners / investors to bring this solution to market.