Kitchens we can get from China, Norway, Denmark, Lithuania, Germany and so on. The Chinese company produces more than 1.500 kitchens every single day and is very affordable and effective for larger projects.


Through our cooperating factories in Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia and Poland we can produce PVC and aluminum windows cost effective and with very good quality. We can produce most kind of windows, also with integrated sun screening systems. For larger projects we can buy the windows from China.

The windows meet the highest possible standards within the EU and may be implemented in all different kinds of constructions, both residential, commercial and industrial. The windows may be produced with double or triple glazed glass, with cross pieces integrated in the glass or as an extra addition on the outside.

Solar panels

An important aspect of the Home2Live™ Concept is to be able to build cities and populated areas with not much more than roads and railway systems. By doing it this way, it is possible with simple means to build green, ecofriendly and cost effective areas with different building materials and technical systems

In order to provide the electricity, we plan to use Solar panels, more specifically a dual system which generates both Solar energy and also hot water by a German or US based company, and from a Finnish and a German company they will use some heat recovery systems.
For hot countries they will combine different technology to give a cool interior with as low energy consumption as possible. A US based company has launched a new roof tile, which looks like any traditional roof tile, but is a solar panel.

The ultimate goal of the Home2Live™ Concept is to provide healthy, environmental friendly, area efficient, multi-functional and affordable homes to most people around the world.Together with Solar panel experts from Germany, Norway and Belgium, we plan implementing these systems to most of our constructions in order to build the low energy houses.