Solar Panel

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

World leading and with an extensive model range to suite all needs. Starting with the Tough++ featuring a record holding and simply stunning 25.1% efficiency.

The Invisible cable – 2020 Edition of Flush

panels to be seamlessly integrated with the underlying surface, resulting in a cable-free installation.

The revolutionary Tough surface

Made from extremely durable materials with an antislip profile. The Tough surface catches more light than glass, resulting in a higher daily production.

The best sunpower solar cells

Solarpower Maxeon cells are by far the best and most efficient solar cells currently available, resulting in the highest possible production per m2.

Unique Shadow Optimized technology

Models equipped with our protected shadow Optimized technology produce more in shadow rich environments.

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SMART LITHIUM has been the market leader for 3 years. Beyond being one of very few true Plug & Play batteries available on the market. The 2020 season offers some important upgrades. To begin with an upgraded BMS for better prognosis sent to the APP. Then better temperature handling during extremes due to heavy-duty connections. The BASIC model got upgraded with a slightly higher current allowance. In addition both models get a bit smaller exterior with integrated handles. It also offers a detachable strap.


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Smart Lithium

MoonRay MPPT

The new MoonRay MPPT solar charge controllers are truly optimized for use on yachts and RVs. MoonRay outperforms other MPPT charge controllers. Tested in both perfect as well as ‘real-life’ weather conditions. It’s performance outshines others in clouded or partial shadowing conditions.

The MoonRay is optimized for a typical installation on a boat or motorhome. Often, with a single solar panel or a couple of solar panels connected in parallel. Charging one or several 12V batteries.

Thanks to its versatility it is also possible to use many MoonRay’s together. Controlling groups of solar panels. This makes it possible to optimize each group. So you can make groups according to the ever-changing conditions on a moving platform. Thanks to the Multi Connect App it is possible to collect information from all the controllers as they were one.

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Simultaneous connection to all SUNBEAMsystem devices onboard. No need to manual alternate to connect to different devices. It also avoids investing in a special onboard network. Optimize the stacking of several solar charge controllers. Configurable grouping of multi-devices to show them as one cluster. You will also be able to display the whole cluster as one unit. According to your personal configuration, name it as you like and display the joint data as one.
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Multi Connect App


The SUNBEAMsystem Tough++ 124.5W Flush with its incredible 25.1% efficiency is simply the best solar panel available. Put it in relation, it will often produce twice as much per area as the most common solar panels you find on a house roof.

Tough++ is the state-of-the-art marine solar panel, the newest and most powerful technology currently available.Built with the best materials to ensure it is resilient in the most demanding circumstances. The 5-year warranty is totally unique when it comes to a flat and lightweight solar panel.

Attach Tough++ with the included 3M VHB or a flexible glue, the anti-skid surface, and invisible Flush features will result in a seamless integration on any deck or roof.

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The SUNBEAMsystem Tough+ series is developed for professional purposes. As a marine solar panel and all kinds of high-end installations. The fantastic 23.7% efficiency together with the special materials you only find in our Tough panels results in a very attractive solar panel with an incredible 5-year warranty.

Tough+ is only delivered in the Flush version and without any holes. It is made to be glued with either the included 3M VHB or with flexible glue onto any smooth surface for seamless integration.
The bigger sized models come with the unique Shadow Optimized technology.

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Shadow Optimized


The Shadow Optimized technology from SUNBEAMsystem is unique. Thanks to the internal division of the panel it will produce more than a panel without the same. This technology improves the output when is partially shaded, allowing for an even higher daily production.

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