SMART House Technology and Complete Systems

We can provide a complete system for housing developments, and also included smart technology.

Complete systems

We can provide a complete system for housing developments, and also included energy production systems with solar power, floor heating, air condition systems and so on.

HVACS Systems

From the Hungarian team of engineers, or with some experts in Norway and Denmark we can project and implement fully developed HVACS systems for all kinds of projects.

HVACS is their expanded term, which originated from their HVAC system where they have added solar to it. HVACS stands for Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Solar.
Our plan is to have all of these systems engineered and put together through some expert companies, so we have full control from design, production and implementation of such systems.
Today it’s a mix of different companies producing, selling and installing these systems separately, but their idea is to have both plumbers, electricians, heating ventilation system controllers and solar power experts cooperating designing and implementing this in one package.
Our goal is to make use of this knowhow in their own projects in Norway, expand to the other European countries with this, and eventually World Wide.

In addition to the HVACS system (Heating, Ventialation, Air Conditioning), we also plan to adopt a SMART house technology in order to fully integrate the above mentioned systems also with the fully intelligent, programmable electrical system all programmed with a IPAD or Iphone.

We are currently cooperating with one of the leading companies in the world manufacturing this SMART house system, with a reach of more than 80 countries.

Our goal is to have an easy accessible, easy programmable, easy installable system, which can communicate with different systems using a BUS system at a very affordable cost.