The Home2Live™ building systems can integrated into any architectural plans. With these building systems one can build almost anything up to four floors, at cheaper cost than the usual way of constructing in many countries , with quicker erection time and better quality. It doesn’t have to be included any eco friendly solutions nor food production as also is part of the Home2Live™ concept, one can simply be competitive compared to the traditional way of constructing, but also include part or all of the possible viable solutions. Flexibility is the middle name of the concept.
Below are listed some of the key points which the company is focus on when cooperating with architects World Wide:
Architectural Design & Theories ■ Urban Planning & Design ■ Advance Construction Materials ■ Energy Conservation ■ Innovative Building Materials ■ Environmental Protection ■ Art in Architecture ■ Construction & Renewable Energy Sources ■ Building Technology Science ■ Housing Affordability ■ Importance of Landscaping in present scenario ■ Net-zero Homes & Communities ■ Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering ■ Project & Construction Management ■ Green Building Materials ■ Development, Innovation in Architecture & Construction ■ Sustainable Development Of Building Energy Environment ■ Architectural Conservation & Restoration

Projects routed through the Home2Live™ community

The way this works when it comes to identifying new projects, is that the projects need to be near an approval or having been approved already, where our partners can give price offers for these projects. It can be many different kind of projects, sizes, and locations.

As part of this, our partners are interested to be invited in early stage planning of innovative projects, in order to make the best use the expert group within the Home2Live™ concept, in order to give advice already in the planning process.

If you have a viable project which is undergoing planning, please contact us by sending us some key information, and contact information so we can discuss this further. Please fill out the contact form below and we will get back to you shortly.


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