Smart Towns Conference Ljubljana, Slovenia 29.-30. nov. 2017

Summary from the Smart Towns CEE Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia!

Link to the website of the Smart Towns Conference;

The idea of smart cities is not new. The accelerated development of technology, globalization and the concern for sustainable development has in recent years contributed to the emergence of many of these smart cities around the world (e.g. Singapore, Barcelona, Oslo, London). As the organizer of the event could see these are mostly large metropolitan cities that have employed different solutions and technologies to become smarter.

However, majority of cities/towns in central and eastern Europe are smaller in size and therefore have different issues and challenges.

The aim of the oranizer was to connect such cities/towns in order to facilitate the exchange of best practices between them.

Smart towns conference brought together representatives of Central and Eastern European towns and Utility companies (electricity, telecommunication, public transit, postal services, communal services) with different solution providers (SMEs) and enable them to discuss the possible solutions that would satisfy the needs of their city.

Who attended the Conference;

• Utility companies (electricity, telecommunication, public transit, postal services, communal services)
• solution providers (SME’s)
• Governmental organizations (local and regional)
• RTO’s from all over Europe

The conference was organized by SRIP Smart Cities and Communities which is coordinated by Jožef Stefan instituteEuropean Commission and Watify and supported by Association of Municipalities and towns of Slovenia (SOS)

List of the speakers;

Home2Live™ was represented by its CEO Rolf Helberg jr. whom spoke about the different aspects of the Home2Live™ Concept. The participation can be conidered a success, as a lot of cooperation possibilities have emerged during and after the event. Slovenia is truly a great country, and Ljubljana a magnificent city.

Here is a link to the slides by Home2Live™;

If you are interesed to invite Rolf Helberg jr. from Home2Live™ to attend as a speaker at a similar conference or at an event, send us a request or comment, please fill out the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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